Project Description

Day 1 of the Build

August 15, 2020


Day One. The bit where reality of the whole project kicks in. Oh, it’s a great idea, yes, let’s do this. How exciting will it be to go wherever we want to go. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Welcome to Vincent. The name we have given the van. As in Vincent Van Gogh (pronounce it Go or Goff, sounds better with Go, but not how it should be pronounced). It’s a tenuous name, and it’ll probably change many times as we get through the build. Vincent is a 2008 Transit Minibus. It has 124,000 miles on the clock and for a 12 year old, thats not a bad average of 10,000 miles a year. No real bodywork issues, a little bit of rust here and there, but nothing major, nothing that can’t be fixed.

Today’s task, try to get the rear bench seats out, and where possible try and get this onto GumTree or eBay to sell, to try and make a bit of money to put towards the van. Still undecided whether to take the front seats out, I would like to replace them with a couple of Captain seats, the ones that swivel. Having seen the bolts, they need a Torx connection, so a quick visit to Euro Car Parts on Friday evening to get the correct sizes, and away we go.

Nope, not that easy. The size of the sockets were 1/2 inch, my socket set is a 1/4 inch, so another trip to Euro Car Parts to fetch a socket adaptor. That was fine, but there was no way those bolts were moving. It probably didn’t help that my socket set handle wasn’t very long, and with a few attempts with WD40, it was back off to Euro Car Parts for a Breaker Bar so try and give me more leverage. Third time lucky, and finally I managed to loosen the bolts, and the first bench seat was removed. Took us a while, a few scratches on the hands as proof, but it was out.

Now to move onto the rear bench seat… Yep, that’s not happening that easy. Those bolts are completely stuck, so an evening ahead of looking at other options to remove them. Still, it’s progress, and if we can get the other seat out tomorrow, that’s a good weekends work.