Project Description

Day 3 and 4 of the Build

August 23, 2020


Day Three and Four. After two days of battling with the seat bolts, and with anger, the angle grinder made appearance, it was back to the van build after a few days away with the family.

At last, finally we are victorious against the seat bolts. They couldn’t deal with the power of the angle grinder. Thankfully after finally removing the final bolts we were ablt to move onto the luggage cage and the panels next to the sliding doors. These panels are bolted in, and keeping the floor down, so removing these should hopefully make removing the floor much easier.

I’ve also decided to soak the bolts I’ve managed to successfully remove in Cider Vinegar, this is to remove the rust off the screws. The plan is to put these back into the holes they’ve come from (obviously without the seats). This just makes  sure that the holes are closed, naturally by the screws that were originally there. Not going to be too much of a problem as we’ll be putting wood panels over these anyway.

All in all a successful couple of days in the van. The plan now is to continue to remove the floor panels off to get the floor up, oh and to finally sell the seats. Can’t really do much whilst the seats are still in side, even if they’re not attached to anything.

Progress though, which is always good.