Project Description

Day 2 of the Build

August 16, 2020


Day Two. So how many times will I need to go to some kind of tool store today? Answer, twice!

I finished Day One with detaching the front seat bench. I finished by struggling to undo the bolts on the back seat bench. I’d used sone WD40 and hoped that overnight that might have loosened the bolts, but unfortunately not. Having spent the night researching ways to remove the annoyingly stuck bolts, I had a number of choices.

  1. Heat up the bolts using a blow torch. The heat will cause the bolt to contract and then once it’s cooled down, that will hopfully had dislodged any rust and loosened the bolt
  2. Use a screw extractor
  3. Drill it out
  4. Angle grind the top of the bolt head off

I decided against the blow torch. I only wanted to purchase tools I know I would use again. I couldn’t see me using the blow torch again. Screw extractors was an option, but I was really struggling to get the drill to drill into the bolt, even though I know I had drills for metal. That kinda put drilling it out of action. The only other choice was to angle grind it out.

Now the rear seats do have a mechanism that you pull that allows you to lift the seats out of the floor catches. Unfortunately they weren’t working. After struggling to get enough room to angle grind the bolt head off, I decided to go for it and just cut off the catch which would allow us to remove the seats and then work on the screws with better access.

Thankfully after a hour or so of perseverence, the catches were cut and the seat was free. The next days work will allow us to now try and remove the bolts seeing as we have better access. And it gives us the opportunity now to sell the minibus seats: